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Workout that helps you build your Inner Chest

I have seen people struggling with building their inner chest, they do a lot of exercises that doesn’t lead them getting any result, the problem with building a chest is that chest is a large muscle, it takes time to build, and also it needs proven workout plan to get an efficient result over the time.

Chest muscle is separated into two muscle groups: Pectoral major and Pectoral minor. It is important to train both muscles to get proper result, I am going to suggest some isolation and pressing exercises that help you build your Inner Chest, so here is the thing:

Note:  Add any of these exercises in your workout, make sure to stick to them for at least 6-8weeks to get better results.

1. Incline Bench Press

I know we are discussing building inner chest, but trust me
Incline Bench Press is the best exercise to build chest muscles, It helps you gain muscle on upper chest, its targeted muscle is Pectoral major. The reason of suggesting you this exercise is you need muscle on your upper chest so you can isolate them using isolated exercises which I am going to suggest you below. This is the Pressing exercise it’s better to perform this before isolation.

2. Incline Dumbbell Fly

This is the best old school exercise you can have for your chest muscle work, This will hit your Pectoral Major, your shoulder muscle would be secondary muscle in this exercise, but In this exercise don’t go too heavy, I would suggest you to perform better reps on normal weights, As this exercise will give you better results in building your inner chest. Your main goal is to hit muscle failure.

3. Cable Crossover

Cable crossover is the one of the best exercise you can have for isolation, In this exercise your secondary muscle would be Shoulder and Back, Professionals suggest that this exercise has the same intensity that you feel in Bench press and Incline Press.
The reason suggesting this exercise is that this exercise will hit your Pectoral major and minor, use mind muscle connection, when you take position and move your hands accordingly, you should feel intensity on your chest.

4. Diamond Pushups

This exercise works best when you perform it after Chest workout, this is the best finisher exercise you can have in your workout, this will isolate your chest muscle, on the secondary this exercise will hit your Tricep muscle lateral head significantly. Diamond pushups and dips are best finisher exercise for chest, this will give you immense result on your chest muscle.

Note: If you add Flat Bench press or Flat Dumbbell press with these, It will turn out to be a proper Chest workout.

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