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Belly Fat is always the issue for everyone, People had a hard time figuring how they can start and what are the exercises they can do in home without having any difficulties. I would like to suggest these 3 exercises that you can add in your morning routine or in your daily gym workout.

1. Crunches

Crunches are the most powerful exercise that will hit your upper abdominis, it is one of the core exercises that you can never find an alternate of. You don’t need anything to perform this except one-floor mat would be enough. When you perform this exercise try to focus on activating your core ab muscle, You don’t have to go fully high (touch to knee) or too low(touching the floor), the essence of this is you should feel your body weight on your belly while performing this.

2. Toe Touch Crunches

This exercise is going to hit your upper abdominis and lower abdominis, this exercise will engage your core muscle and improve your core strength. It has two formations, you can try it by bending your knees, or you can perform it by straightening your legs, your hands should touch your toes, if you are having a hard time doing that, try going as close as you can initially, this will help you performing better over time.

3. Lying Ankle Taps:

This is the only exercise in this workout that is going to hit your oblique muscles, I would suggest to perform this exercise after toe touch crunches, You can perform this exercise by lying on the floor, bending your knees, held yourself just off the floor and try touching your ankles by your hands, your left hand will touch the left ankle and your right hand will touch your right ankle.

4. Planks

This is the best exercise that holds body weight to your whole ab muscles, Try to hold your body as long as you can the more you hold the more effective it would be. When performing this exercise you just have to keep your body straight line from your knees to your head. If you are not feeling the weight on belly try stretching your toes little bit while in position, this will increase the intensity a bit more.


You can do these exercises regularly, you can take rest up to 30-45secs between sets, 3 sets of each would help and doing a Tri-set of these three exercises would be the best way of challenging yourself.

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