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Muscle Failure

Muscle failure is a milestone that you want to achieve in your exercises, it refers to the point where you cannot perform another repetition of the exercise, where a muscle can no longer contract.

If you are going gym or doing regular exercises, you should know how your body adapts to the routine, eg: if you walk 1 mile for 7 days, you feel it’s too much when you start especially the first 2 days, but then your body adapts the routine and you will not feel the same way after a week. This is a simple example of how our body adapts to physical activity.

when it comes to muscle failure if you do the exercise example: Bench press and you perform 3 sets of 12reps with the same weight the intensity of hitting muscle failure is low, what if you perform a superset by adding one dumbbell press with it, the intensity of hitting muscle failure would be high.

Why it’s important to hit Muscle Failure:

No matter what your goal is, you want to gain or loss, if you want cut and jacked physic, Muscles has an important role in it, muscle failure is a point you want to achieve in your workout that’s how a personal trainer design your workout, that every time your body will be in the process of adapting changes and it will achieve the goal you set.


Bodybuilding is about knowing your body limits, exploring your failures, and overcoming your weaknesses.  You will get to know about your body when you work out.

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