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Warmup Exercises are the most important portion of a workout which people don’t pay attention to, your body needs physical fitness, exercises that teach your muscle, coordination with your nervous system to act on open and closed skills when needed, to prevent you from injury when you play sports, or perform any physical activity that needs balance, stability, and Agility.

I am going to suggest some exercises that will activate your muscle, and prepare you for the weight training, Things to remember is to rotate or switch these exercises when you feel your body is adapting your sequence and not leading you to failure. Let’s get started:

1. Treadmill / Cycling

For the first Exercise, you can add a treadmill or cycling, whichever you like, perform one of these with low intensity and increase the intensity over time and lead yourself to failure. It doesn’t matter if you do a workout for 15 minutes on the treadmill every day, what matters is how you are doing it, example: if you run for 15 minutes and you start from low and increase your speed every 45secs, that 15 minutes is going to surprise your body for good and you can achieve failure stage soon

2. Stretching

The crucial exercises for flexibility and increasing range of motions, Always consider this before weight training, By Stretching, you reinforce your tendon, your tendons are like cables that connect your muscles with bones, when the cables are strong, they can resist, so you can put more muscle on them, that’s why it is better to do It before the weight training, it prevents you from injury. I recommend some stretching moves consider this in your daily routine:

Standing Hamstring Stretch

standing hamstring stretch

Side Bend Stretch


Controlled Articular Rotations

3. Box Jumping / Burpees

 This is one of the best exercises for a warm-up and weight loss, this exercise will help you in mobility, muscle endurance, and scaling your body weight from the lower body to the upper body. You will be pumped up if you do one of these exercises before hitting the weight room.

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